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Rectangular Attenuator

Rectangular Attenuator

Rectangular Attenuator

A rectangular sound attenuator is a specialised component used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to reduce the transmission of sound or noise through rectangular ductwork. These attenuators are designed to minimise the propagation of sound waves within the ducts, helping to maintain a quieter and more comfortable indoor environment in buildings.

Rectangular Design:

Designed for rectangular or square ducts, they come in various sizes and dimensions to suit different configurations and airflow needs, unlike circular attenuators meant for circular ducts.

Sound Absorption Materials:

Rectangular sound attenuators, like their circular counterparts, use sound-absorbing materials like insulation, foam, or mineral wool to reduce noise by absorbing sound energy as it passes through.

Baffles or Vanes:

Rectangular sound attenuators may incorporate internal baffles or vanes to redirect airflow and sound waves, with design and arrangement varying by manufacturer and application.

Pressure Drop:

Adds resistance to HVAC systems, which designers must consider during sizing and installation to avoid negative effects on system performance.


Rectangular sound attenuators find common use in commercial, industrial, and residential HVAC systems, installed at different points within ductwork like supply and return air ducts, exhaust ducts, and air handling units to mitigate noise from fans and equipment.

Compliance with Regulations:

Building codes and regulations may specify maximum allowable noise levels in certain areas of a building. Rectangular sound attenuators help HVAC systems meet these requirements, ensuring compliance with noise control standards.

Rectangular HVAC Attenuator

Rectangular Attenuator